Our Vision

AutoEmotive: Bringing empathy to the driving experience

Winning team of the Data Driven Hackathon $5000. Selected by a panel of judges from IDEO, MIT and the Volkswagen group.

Regardless the emotional state of drivers, current cars feel impassive and disconnected. We believe that by adding emotion sensing technologies inside the car, we can dramatically improve the driving experience while increasing the safety of drivers.

Although we experience hundreds of emotions on a daily basis, one of the most relevant (especially when driving) is stress. While certain amounts of stress is beneficial to be alert and attentive, too much stress or too little can negatively affects driving performance.

We are looking forward to a future when AutoEmotive would not only be used at the individual level to enhance the driving experience but also to empower greater social awareness by capturing the emotional state of a large city, providing the means to live healthier lives and create more liveable cities.

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